Commentary on Liber L vel Legis

by Dean

This commentary relies heavily on my take on English Qaballah which should be reviewed first. Crowley's role had two related aspects, declaring the Aeon of the Child and acting as the Magus fitting with the letter Chet. The Aeons involve the trinity Father-Mother-Child, Father being divine spirit, Mother material manifestation, and Child particular existence arising from their interplay. In Kabbalistic terms, Ain Soph fits with the Father, the material plane the Mother, and the Tree of Life with the Child. Within the Tree there are a number of ways of assigning these, the most obvious being the Supernals as Father, Malkhut as Mother, and the Zer Anpin as Child. The Aeon of the Mother was pantheistic, fitting with Malkhut. The Aeon of the Father was focused on movement up the Tree, reaching naturally to enlightenment in Binah, further steps involving a focus back down. The Aeon of the Child involves climbing the Tree and then acting from the levels reached, a back and forth that allows all levels to be reached. The specific sequence is discussed in relation to English Qaballah.

Hadit-Nuit-Horus are again Father-Mother-Child, Hadit fitting with the Supernals, Nuit with the lower eight Sephirot, and the forms of Horus being centered around Binah where they meet. This also fits with the Khabs fitting with the Supernals and Khu with the lower eight in terms of the individual. Binah is described as part light and part dark, the light being the light of enlightenment and the dark being the part fitting with the Supernals as reflecting the deeper light of Ain Soph. These two lights are likewise seen in the first two days of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The light of Binah is embodied in the Shekinah, which is considered to reside in Binah but descend to Malkhut under appropriate circumstances. Nuit is similar, but with an emphasis on Binah as providing the structure within which individuals as stars and their light reside. This fits with Crowley's Magushood fitting with Chet in the sequence of Maguses, Chet's value of eight indicating the lower eight sephirot connected, allowing Malkhut to be transformed to reflect Binah's light. Verse II:78's line "They shall worship your name, foursquare, mystic, wonderful...." seems to refer to the letters of Chet spelled out. Chet's gematria is 418, the 4 coming from Tav, 1 from Yod, and 8 from Chet, and the 41 fitting with the four elemental creatures about the throne, these fitting with Malkhut as fitting with the elements and the throne connecting to Yesod as lower Yod. The it's in the names Nuit, Hadit, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit seem to fit with this, implying grounded energy in contrast to the raw energy of Nu, Had, and Ra-Hoor-Khu.

As discussed elsewhere, the Tree of Life and Olive structures have related fivefold patterns, but with different elemental associations. The use of colors in Liber L relates to these. The colors purple, red, blue, yellow (not mentioned), and green fit with Keter, Chokmah, Binah, Zer Anpin, and Malkhut with a sense that these are structuring things. Note that purple is a combination of red and blue and green of blue and yellow. Lapis Lazuli and Jasper, mentioned in verse I:51, imply Nuit and Hadit reflected in Binah and Chokmah. Scarlet seems to connect Chokmah as fire with Skin as fire and azure Binah as water with Nut as water. Silver and gold reflect parallels drawn between Keter and Malkhut, both of which have a lunar quality and connect the Tree to the Ain Soph and material respectively, and between Chokmah and the Zer Anpin as being between Keter and Binah and between Binah and Malkhut. Gold more specifically fits with the light of Binah and its reflection through the Zer Anpin and may be associated with Zer Anpin as air and Seed as air. Black then fits with Malkhut as earth and Fruit as earth, the Fruit being the part that both obscures the higher parts from the personality and provides the means to ascend to them. Crowley associated with words of Do What Thou Wilt with the letters of YHVH, but they seem to fit better with the corresponding parts of the Olive, Seed-Do, Nut-What, Fruit-Thou, Skin-Wilt.

The names Had and Nu, indicating the raw power of the god-forms, have gematria's 11 and 31. This reflects the fact that Hadit as a god-form is about moving deeper, hence the general formula 11, but Nuit as a god-form is about connection to the material, hence 31 as Nuit acting on the particular. Hadit's genatria of 58 is the same as house, as in "Khabs is the name of my house." implying the Supernals as Hadit's vehicle. Nuit's gematria of 78 implies Binah giving form to the influence of Chokmah and Binah reflecting this through the lower eight sephirot, fitting with the Khu.

There are eight names of Horus in Liber L. Heru-ra-ha is a form of the elder Horus and the deepest aspect in the book. Heru has gematria 58, fitting with the Supernals as Hadit's vehicle as focused through Binah. Ra has gematria 13, the same as do which fits with Chokmah as per Do What Thou Wilt, and as a sun god fits with gold as the light of Binah refleted through the Zer Anpin. Ha has genatria 5, the same as all, fitting with Keter and Malkhut. The total gematria of 76 implies the elder Horus as helping reveal people's inner stars.

Each chapter has a version of the name Harpocrates whose parts follow the same pattern as with Heru-ra-ha. The first part is Hoor in the Nuit and Horus chapters, which has gematria 30 the same as Khu, associating Hoor with the lower eight sephirot, and Heru in the Hadit chapter, fitting with the Supernals. The second part is Pa in the Hadit and Horus chapters, which has gematria 27 implying the individual moved by influence from the Supernals, and Paar in the Nuit chapter, which has gematria 40 implying Hadit's influence manifested. These fit more with the path of Dalet and EM (note the similarity to the names) than Chokmah directly. The third part is Kraat in the Nuit and Horus chapters, which has gematria 47 which reflects Hadit manifesting through the Supernals and is the same as it the last two letters grounding Hadit, Nuit, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and Kraath in the Hadit chapter, whose gematria of 51 implies connections to the Ain Soph and material plane. Hoor-pa-kraat has total gematria 104=8x13, implying Chokmah as the do of Do what though wilt and as active force directed through the lower eight. Hoor-paar-kraat has total gematria 117=9x13, the do being absorbed into the prima materia because Nuit allows the Pa to become Paar, an expression of Hadit. Heru-Pa-Kraath has total gematria 136=8x17, Chokmah manifesting through particular reflections of Binah, the Heru shifting the focus from the lower eight to the Supernals and Kraath to direct connection to Ain Soph and the material.

The names Ra-Hoor-Khu, Ra-Hoor-Khut, Ra-Hoor-Khuit fit with the pattern of the parts of the earlier names. Ra fits with Chokmah and Hoor and Khu with the lower eight, apparently implying Horus as intermediary between Chokmah and the individual. This seems to tie to Crowley's somewhat confused notion of the Holy Guardian Angel. The term originally referred to an actual angel acting as guru, but Crowley applied it to Aiwass who is a separate individual and further identified both concepts with the Bornless One, as per Liber Samekh, which refers to a higher aspect of the self acting as self-guru. This seems to relate to Aiwass's unusually close relationship to Horus, which he sought to recreate with Crowley and apparently intended as a model for humanity. Ra-Hoor-Khu's total gematria of 73 implies Binah reflected in the body of Nuit. Khut's T would fit with the four elemental creatures, its gematria of 54 bring the same as four implying the elements and snake implying spiritual understanding of the material, and fits with Pa/Paar's relationship to the path of Dalet and the EM. Ra-Hoor-Khut's total gematria of 97 is the reverse of Abrahadabra's of 79, both of these reducing to 8 via 63 and 18, implying Chokmah as an active force arising between Keter and Binah. Khuit's gematria of 77 is the same as silver, implying Keter and Malkhut, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit's total gematria of 120=2x3x4x5 implies the combined trinity finding means to manifest, a particular individual becoming an acting spiritual agent.

In III:34, it says that after the fall of the Great Equinox, "Hrumachis shall arise, and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place." A mundane equinox being one day out of a season, the Great Equinox would likewise be on the order of 1% of the millennia of an aeon, or a matter of decades. I believe in this regard Horus's transitional role is completed. Hrumachis (Horus as sunrise) and the double-wanded one are distinct figures, as indicated by "blessings no longer be[ing] poured To the Hawk-headed Mystical Lord." This is anticipated in verses III:70-72, III:70 being Hrumachis announcing his appearance, III:71 informing Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Harpocrates that their time in charge is done, and III:72 being the double-wanded one taking over. In this regard, the part about "I have crushed an Universe and nought remains." is strongly suggestive of Shiva's eye opening destroying the world of illusion. Note that the hypothetical name Ra-Khu would have gematria 43, the same as Shiva; Ra-Khut gematria 67, the same as Olive; and Ra-Khuit 90, manifesting action in the prima materia.

Verse I:46 says, "Nothing is a secret key of this law," and the fact that the various related words are to be interpreted as indicating raw potential is key to understanding the deeper meanings of many verses. No has gematria 21 and indicates choices made from a deeper level. Not has gematria 45 and implies possibilities with which Hadit combines to act. The digits 4 and 5 fit with the two parts of Dalet in the initiatory sequence, and not read as a noun would fit with the4 and as a verb with the 5. Verse I:56 says, "Expect him not from the East, nor from the West," associating not and nor with East and West and by extension day and night. Nor has genatria 33 implying possibilities within the body of Nuit as prima materia. Nothing has gematria 97, the same as Ra-Hoor-Khut, implying Chokmah as an active force arising from the Supernals. None has gematria 60, implying the possibilities through which Hadit and Nuit in combination manifest. Nought has gematria 77, the same as silver and Khuit, implying Malkhut as reflecting Keter.

Liber L vel Legis

This has gematria 666 in Hebrew, taking the E's as 5's and the S as 300. In EQ gematria, it has value 187, the same as English Alphabet and son of midnight.

I:1 Had(11)! The(53) manifestation(200) of(25) Nuit(78).

Had invokes the raw power of Hadit in relation to Nuit, enabling the process to begin. The implies the chapter holds the office of manifestation of Nuit. Manifestation's gematria of 200=2x4x25 implies means of creation attract an agent or agents (in this case Aiwass and Crowley in relation to the book) who become expressions of Hadit through them. Of implies the manifestation as allowing expression of Nuit. Of Nuit has total gematria 103, implying the potential within particular experiences of Nuit. Manifestation of Nuit has total gematria 303=3x101, implying that the potential arising between Hadit and Nuit reveals the body of Nuit as prima materia. The verse number 1 implies the verse reflects Nuit's particular nature.

I:2 The(53) unveiling(139) of(25) the(53) company(97) of(25) heaven(79).

The implies the unveiling inspired in relation to the chapter. Unveiling's gematria of 139 implies movement from unaware particular to awareness of the body of Nuit to awareness of prima materia, this progression allowing individuals to become agents of deeper levels. Of implies that the unveiling is the means for the company of heaven to express itself. The implies that the company is a particular arrangement of the stars of heaven. Company's gematria of 97 implies that the stars are able to manifest Chokmah as an active force. Of implies that the company is a part of the work of heaven, company implying immediate arrangements and heaven deeper patterns. Heaven's gematria of 79 implies Binah as providing the ordering driven through Keter. The verse number 2 implies Nuit's primary mode of acting.

I:3 Every(87) man(36) and(21) every(87) woman(46) is(28) a(1) star(42).

Every implies all manifest things are potential expressions of the divine. Man implies outward expression of deeper inspiration and woman Nuit's ability to absorb inspiration. The 3 digit of 36, fitting with Nuit, and 4 digit of 46, fitting with Hadit, imply the complementary nature of male and female. And implies that there are spiritual differences between men and women, but is implies that the essential nature of each is to be a star. A implies that each star is a particular part of Nuit's company, this contrasting with the the's used in the previous verses. Star is a relational term, 42=2x3x7 implying the individual connecting Nuit through Binah to her body, thus reflecting Hadit. This contrasts with the term Khabs, which is the star taken as its own individual self. The verse number 3 implies Nuit's manner of connecting to her body.

I:4 Every(87) number(109) is(28) infinite(164); there(90) is(28) no(21) difference(179).

Every again implies all possibilities as potential expressions of the divine. Number's gematria of 109 implies possibilities arising from particulars being part of the prima materia. Is implies the essential nature of numbers is to be infinite, this fitting specifically with reduction by multiplying digits immediately reducing all numbers to 0 if 0 digits are included. Infinite's gematria of 164=4x41 implies Hadit reflected through his endless particular possibilities. There implies the prima materia as the place of action. Is implies that the nature of the prima materia is one of no difference. No implies choices made from a deeper level, by Hadit. Difference's gematria of 179 implies particular experience of heaven's (79 see verse 2) structure, impying that Hadit's choices come from a level deeper than Binah. No difference has total gematria 200, the same as manifestation from verse 1. The verse number 4 implies Nuit's role as manifesting Hadit.

I:5 Help(57) me(46), o(7) warrior(70) lord(27) of(28) Thebes(103), in(37) my(36) unveiling(139) before(107) the(53) Children(99) of(25) men(60)!

Help's gematria of 57 implies opening possibilities to Binah's influence. Me has the same gematria as woman, implying a connection with Nuit as female. These total 103, implying the potential that exists in particulars' relationships to the body of Nuit as a whole. O calls to Binah. Warrior implies active expression from Binah and lord the individual moved by this is the body of Nuit. Warrior lord's total gematria is 97, the same as company from I:2, implying a member of the company. O warrior lord's gematira of 104 implies the potential that exists in particulars' relationship to Hadit. Of implies that Thebes is the means of the warrior lord's expression, meaning specifically Crowley's previous life as Ankh-af-na-khonsu is being utilized. Thebes has gematria 103 implying suitability for the help needed. In implies that the body of Nuit is the place where Binah's influence is occurring. My has the same gematria as man, implying particular expressions of inspiration. Unveiling implies increasing awareness, as in I:2. In my unveiling implies particular expressions of increasing awareness within the body of Nuit. Before's gematria of 107 implies the potential arising from particular connections to Binah. The implies the Children are potentially inspired individuals. Children implies the potential to participate in the Aeon of the Child, 99=9x11 implying Keter and Malkhut as Hadit and Nuit. Of implies that men, implying incarnate individuals, are the means of the Children's expression. Men's gematria of 3x4x5 implies Hadit and Nuit in combination able to employ individual's possibilities. Children of men's total gematria of 184=8x23 implies the khu as lower 8 as an I reflecting Chokmah. The emphasis in the verse on the relationship between Binah and the body of Nuit may be considered as an elaboration on star's gematria of 42=2x3x7. The verse number 5 implies that individuals in her body are the means through which Nuit acts.

I:6 Be(45) thou(52) Hadit(58), my(36) secret(104) centre(113), my(36) heart(66) & my(36) tongue(98)!

Be implies being the action of Hadit. Thou as part of Do what thou wilt fits with the Fruit of the Olive, this being employed by Hadit. Be thou has total gematria 97, implying this is the nature of a warrior lord of the company. Be thou Hadit has total gematria 155, the same as Abomination from III:19. The four things listed after "Be thou" follow the pattern of Do what thou wilt, Nuit opening the parts of the Olive to Hadit's action. Hadit fits with Seed, Hadit's action coming through the Supernals. My secret centre fits with Nut, Binah being the center of the Tree for the book's purposes. My indicates Nuit forming specific inspiration at the various levels. Secret implies the dark part of Binah relating to Hadit and the Supernals, centre to the light shed down the lower eight. Secret's gematria of 104 implies the potential within this particular relationship to Hadit, as in the previous verse. Centre's gematria of 113 implies Hadit and Nuit able to combine in Nuit's body. Secret centre has total gematria 217=7x31, implying Nu carrying down the light of Binah. My secret centre has gematria 253=11x23, implying I as self as product of Hadit and Nuit. My heart fits with Fruit and thus the thou Hadit is moving. Heart's gematria of 66 implies the individual in the body of Nuit expressing Hadit and Nuit's combination. My heart has total gematria 102, indicating the potential arising from an individual becoming aware of his or her nature. My tongue fits with Skin, tongue being a means of speech and thus action (including oral sex). Tongue's gematria of 98 implies the parts connecting allows inspired action. My tongue has total gematria 134=2x67, implying the individual acting in a time of opportunity to express a particular experience of Nuit and Hadit. The verse number 6 implies that this is the formula of the individual acting in the body of Nuit.

I:7 Behold(64)! It(47) is(28) revealed(106) by(35) Aiwass(38) the(53) minister(147) of(25) Hoor-paar-kraat(30+40+47=117).

Behold implies the individual prepared by verse 6 experiencing Hadit's movement. It as the last two letters of Chet and the related names implies Hadit's influence reflected through Binah and given form through Yesod and Malkhut as throne and elements. Is implies the essential nature of it is to be revealed. It is has total gematria 75, implying the body of Nuit containing the means to attract an agent of Binah. Revealed's gematria of 106 implies the potential arising from an individual's particular experience of Nuit. It is revealed has total gematria 181, implying Chokmah as active force arising between Hadit and Nuit. By implies choices being guided from the level of Binah. Aiwass's gematria of 38 implies him as an individual interacting with the prima materia in particular ways, letting the body of Nuit reflect Chokmah. The implies Aiwass holding the office of minister of Hoor-paar-kraat. Minister's gematria of 147=3x49 implies the creative process directed through Binah in the body of Nuit, with the digits implying a particular director of it as discussed above. Of implies the minister serves Hoor-paar-kraat. Hoor-paar-kraat is discussed above. Minister of Hoor-paar-kraat has total gematria 289=17x17, implying particular experiences of Binah let the individual express Chokmah in the prima materia. The verse number 7 implies that this is how Nuit connects to her body through Binah.

I:8 The(53) Khabs(39) is(28) in(37) the(53) Khu(30), not(45) the(53) Khu(30) in(37) the(53) Khabs(39).

The implies that the focus is now on the individual experiencing Nuit. Khabs's gematria of 39 implies that connection with the Supernals allows recognition of the body of Nuit as prima materia. The Khabs has total gematria 92, implying the prima materia open to the individual moved by Hadit. Is implies the nature of the Khabs is to be in the Khu, i.e. to incarnate. In's gematria of 37 implies the influence of Binah (expressing the Khabs) in the body of Nuit (through the Khu). Khu's gematria of 30 implies the individual acting in the body of Nuit. The Khu has total gematria 83, implying the individual reflecting Chokmah in the body of Nuit. In the Khu has total gematria 120=2x3xx4x5, implying the trinity having the means to manifest. Not the Khu implies Ain Soph, this being in the Khabs. Not simply meaning not anticipates the "of us" and "not of us" material of the second chapter. Not can also be read as a noun of verb acting on the Khu, fitting with Dalet as discussed above. Not the Khu has total gematria 128, implying the individual become an incarnation of a particular word(28). There is no is in the second part of the verse because the Ain Soph is larger than its particular incarnations. In the Khabs has total gematria 129=3x43, implying Nuit letting Hadit form individual Khabs within her. The verse number 8 implies that this is how Chokmah as an active force expresses through the Khu as lower eight.

I:9 Worship(80) then(67) the(53) Khabs(39), and(21) behold(64) my(36) light(64) shed(40) over(54) you(39).

Worship's gematria of 80 implies the awareness of the relationship between Khabs and Khu of the previous verse allows manifestation through the Khu as lower eight. Then implies resultant times of opportunity. Worship then has total gematria 147, the same as minister (see I:7), implying moments of opportunity to express the Khabs through it. Worship then the Khabs has total gematria 239, implying the individual realizing his or her Khabs. And implies that the light being shed in dependent on worshipping the Khabs. Behold implies the individual prepared to express Hadit as in I:7. Note that in I:7 behold comes before minister, implying that the individual is to learn from the minister, whereas here it comes after worship then, implying that the individual is now acting as the minister. My implies Nuit giving particular form to the light of Binah. Light's gematria 64 is the same as behold's, implying the light is also to be moved by Hadit. My light has total gematria 100=4x25, implying the individual as a particular expression of Hadit. Behold my light has total gematria 164=4x41, implying Hadit able to act in particular ways through particular expressions of Binah's light. Shed's gematria of 40 implies Hadit having means to manifest. Over's gematria of 54=2x27 implies the individual as connecting to Binah provides means for Hadit's expression, and 239 reduces to 54 implying this is possible through worshiping the Khabs. You's gematria of 39 is the same as Khabs's, implying connection to the Khabs. You may be taken as plural, implying that the individual reflecting the light of Binah through connection to his or her own Khabs facilitates others connecting to their own Khabs. Over you has total gematria 93, implying the general potential to realize Khabs in the prima materia. Shed over you has total gematria 133=7x19, implying the light of Binah revealing particular potentials of Keter. Behold my light shed over you has total gematria 297=11x27, implying an individual of the company(97, see verse 2) moved by Binah as a result of realizing his or her Khabs (3x9=27) as a product of Hadit and Nuit. The verse number 9 implies that this is the formula of relationships in the prima materia.

I:10 Let(51) my(36) servants(96) be(45) few(46) & secret(104): they(68) shall(14) rule(56) the(53) many(51) & the(53) known(47).

Let implies opening possibilities in the material. My implies Nuit inspiring her servants' action. Servants's gematria of 96=3x32 implies the individual having reached a point where he or she is moved by Nuit. My servants has total gematria 132=3x4x11, Nuit and Hadit combining as 11 to make individuals actors in Nuit's body. Be implies being the action of Hadit. Few's gematria of 46 implies being receptive to Hadit. Secret implies the dark part of Binah, as in I:6, connecting few with the Khu and secret with the Khabs, implying the nature they need to take on to be a servant of Nuit. Few & secret has total gematria 150=2x3x25, implying means in the body of Nuit attracting a suitable individual to act through them. Be few & secret has total gematria 195, implying particulars within the prima materia becoming means of Hadit's expression. They inplies Hadit and Nuit acting through the servants. They's gematria of 68=4x17 implies Hadit choosing among particular expressions of Binah to act through. Shall's gematria of 14 implies particular actions of Hadit. Rule implies the Supernals driving action through the individual in the body of Nuit, implying Hadit and Nuit ruling the individual. Shall rule has total gematria 70, the same as warrior a in I:5. They shall rule has total gematria 138=2x3x23, implying the individual's relationship to the body of Nuit becomes a particular way the body of Nuit expresses Chokmah. The implies the servants as directly inspired. Many's gematria of 51 is the same as let's, implying the servants as physically incarnate. The many has total gematria 104 implying that the secret influence is possible through incarnation. Known's gematria of 47 is the same as it's, implying the focus through Yesod and Malkhut. The known has total gematria 100=4x25, implying that the servants are particular means through which Hadit can act. The many & the known has total gematria 204=4x51, implying that the potential in the individual's relationship to Hadit lets Hadit open possibilities in the material. The verse number 10 implies that individuals must find suitable means to act.

I:11 These(83) are(38) fools(39) that(53) men(60) adore(51); both(55) their(88) Gods(29) & their(88) men(60) are(38) fools(39).

These's gematria of 83 implies expressions of Chokmah in the body of Nuit. Are's gematria of 38=2x19 implies aware individuals giving form to these expressions. These are has total gematria 121=11x11 implying individuals acting as products of Hadit and Nuit. Fools's gematria of 39 is the same as Khabs implying individuals acting from their inner stars. Are fools has total gematria 77=7x11 implying Binah as connecting Hadit and Nuit. These are fools has total gematria 160=32x5 implying individual letting themselves be moved by Nuit become means to reveal the potential in the rawness of existence. That implies holding the office of being adored. Men's gematria of 60=3x4x5 implies combinations of Hadit and Nuit as possible means of expression. Adore's gematria of 51 implies awareness of possibilities in the material. Men adore has total gematria 111, implying particular combinations of Hadit and Nuit. That men adore has total gematria 164, the same as behold my light in verse I:9, implying particular expressions of Hadit through Binah's light. These are fools that men adore has total gematria 324, implying the individual as product of Hadit and Nuit spelled out in full. Both's gematria of 55=5x11 implies means to reach from Hadit to Nuit and from Nuit to Hadit, Gods and men. Their's gematria of 88=2x4x11 implies individual's in the role of Nuit in relation to Hadit. Gods's gematria of 29 implies individuals in the prima material expressing Chokmah. Their Gods has total gematria 119=7x17, implying Nuit finding particular expressions lets the 11 formula act in the prima materia. Their men has total gematria 148=4x37, implying Hadit leading a particular child(48) from the body of Nuit to Binah. Are fools again implies giving form through connection with Khabs. The verse number 11 implies that these are elaborations on 1x1=1.

I:12 Come(66) forth(65), o(7) children(99), under(74) the(53) stars(47) & take(59) your(51) fill(45) of(25) love(44).

Come's gematria of 66=2x3x11 implies the individual moving in the body of Nuit realizing and expressing his or her nature as product of Hadit and Nuit. Forth's gematria of 65 implies flowing into means of expressing this. Come forth has total gematria 131, implying the individual arising between Hadit and Nuit expressing the nature of Nuit. O calls to the children's (souls') experience of Binah (compare I:5). O children has total gematria 106, implying the potential arising from particular experiences of the individual in the body of Nuit. Under's gematria of 74=2x37 implies the individual experiencing the body of Nuit as under Binah which reflects Hadit. The implies the stars connected to the children. Stars's gematria of 47 implies the Khabs as reflecting Hadit through Binah. The stars has total gematria 100=4x25, implying individuals as means of Hadit's expression. Under the stars has total gematria 174=2x3x29, implying the individual's experience of the prima materia allows his or her mobement in the body of Nuit to become an expression of Hadit reflected through Binah. Take implies consume for the effect contained within. Your's gematria of 51 implies particular personalities and bodies. Take your has total gematria 110, implying Hadit and Nuit's relationship allowing the individual to act. Fill implies Hadit filling possibilities. Your fill has total gematria 96=3x32, implying the individual reaching to Nuit allowing Nuit to act through him or her. Take your fill has total gematria 155, the same as be thou Hadit from I:6. Of implies love is the means of taking one's fill, and by extension being Hadit. Love's gematria of 44=4x11 implies Hadit acting through the 11 formula in raw existence. Of love has total gematria of 69=3x23, implying the manifold possibilities of love in the body of Nuit. Fill of love has total gematria 114=2x3x19, implying the individual in the body of Nuit connects to particular experiences of the prima material, letting the 11 formula be employed by Hadit. Your fill of love has total gematria of 165=3x5x11, implying the body of Nuit as containing means of the 11 formula's expression, these being particular examples of forth as above. Take your fill of love has total gematria 224=32x7, implying that the indivual moved by Nuit connects through Binah to see his ability to become Hadit. The verse number 12=3x4 implies that this is a more specific formula of Hadit and Nuit combining to give individuals.

I:13 I(23) am(22) above(63) you(39) and(21) in(37) you(39). My(36) ecstasy(88) is(28) in(37) yours(56). My(36) joy(38) is(28) to(31) see(55) your(51) joy(38).

I's gematria of 23 implies the individual within Nuit's body, Nuit saying I am beginning her identification with the individual. Am's gematria of 22=2x11 implies the individual as product of Hadit and Nuit becoming the movement of Hadit. I am has total gematria of 45, the same as be and not, indicating that Nuit is identifying with the creative potential within the individual. Above's gematria of 63=7x9 implies the Supernals, above you implying the part of you above. You's gematria of 39 is the same as Khabs. the part of the individual corresponding to the Supernals and connecting to the Ain Soph. Above you has total gematria 102, the same as my heart from I:6, implying that the higher parts of the Olive are expressed through the Fruit. And implies that above you, fitting with the Khabs, is higher than in you, reflecting through the Khu. In's gematria of 37 implies the body of Nuit moved by Binah, which is moved by the Khabs identified with you. In you has total gematria 76, implying Binah moving the individual in the body of Nuit. Above you and in you has total gematria 197, implying a particular member of the company from I:2. I am above you and in you has total gematria 242=2x121, implying that the individual arising between Hadit and Nuit is able to express Hadit in the rawness of existence. My implies Nuit relating to the particular form of the individual. Ecstasy's gematria of 88=2x4x11 implies the individual taking Nuit's role in relation to Hadit. My ecstasy has total gematria 124=4x31, implying that Hadit reflected through Nu allows the particular to become awakened to Hadit's movement. Is implies Nuit's nature is to allow Hadit's expression through individuals. Yours's gematria of 56=7x8 implies possibilities open to the individual in the body of Nuit through connection to the Supernals. In yours has total gematria 93, implying the individual's ability to discover the body of Nuit as prima materia. Joy's gematria of 38 implies the experience of Chokmah's influence in the body of Nuit. My joy has total gematria 74=2x37, implying that Nuit's connection to Hadit through Binah arises from the individual connecting her body to Binah. Is implies that the nature of this process lies in the individuals. To's gematria of 31 implies Nuit directing her joy into the individual's particular experience of joy. See's gematria of 55=5x11 implies means to see between Hadit and Nuit. Your's gematria of 51 implies particular bodies and personalities, as in I:12. Your joy has total gematria 89, implying the Supernals focused through Binah moving the individual. To see your joy has total gematria 175=7x25, implying means to attract individuals connected to Binah. The three sentences follow the pattern of the parts of the versions of Harpocrates. The verse number 13 implies that this is how particulars moving in the body of Nuit reflect deeper influences.

I:14 Above(63), the(53) gemmed(109) azure(63) is(28)

The(53) naked(55) splendour(114) of(25) Nuit(78);

She(34) bends(70) in(37) ecstasy(88) to(31) kiss(42)

The(53) secret(104) ardours(60) of(25) Hadit(58).

The(53) winged(82) globe(65), the(53) starry(69) blue(64),

Are(38) mine(83), O(7) Ankh-af-na-khonsu(28+19+15+56=118)!

I:15 Now(24) ye(40) shall(14) know(33) that(53) the(53) chosen(68) priest(115) & apostle(90) of(25) infinite(164) space(70) is(28) the(53) prince-priest(113+115=228) the(53) Beast(75); and(21) in(37) his(32) woman(46) called(49) the(53) Scarlet(82) Woman(46) is(28) all(5) power(73) given(83). They(68) shall(14) gather(77) my(36) children(99) into(68) their(88) fold(37); they(68) shall(14) bring(80) the(53) glory(47) of(25) the(53) stars(47) into(68) the(53) hearts(71) of(25) men(60).

I:16 For(37) he(29) is(28) ever(72) a(1) sun(36), and(21) she(34) a(1) moon(49). But(61) to(31) him(48) is(28) the(53) winged(82) secret(104) flame(67), and(21) to(31) her(41) the(53) stooping(117) starlight(106).

I:17 But(61) ye(40) are(38) not(45) so(12) chosen(68).

I:18 Burn(63) upon(64) their(88) brows(47), o(7) splendrous(119) serpent(131)!

I:19 O(7) azure-lidded(63+68=131) woman(46), bend(65) upon(64) them(74)!

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