1715 Saturday 26. 1991


Chapter Two:

1) Sa-Kala kherat; zner PA-I-ON, Ne vaktarim. Pe voojim zakre ta sejion te vani la peres-tak el mana-kire.

1. And 456 spoke, swore that beeing is made; the Holy living essence of breath, for your mighty movements in the temple invoked the fiery feet of the One which bids you vitality.

2) Pe o sa ja ki le ma perest ta veii. Pe la ki teresa karisèo taii. Pe tajo talasa kai nepa, neki o parastia tajo-no-i.

2. Beeing called within, truth grants the Ones fall, fiery as the second. Your One grants becoming and let it be lit. For your excesses of the freedom sword, Life calls the Fire of comfort, which lits, becomes and is.

3) Ven-tora tajik pejitar kavana sel tar tijo, Vekto ram-kaal najise sejio tarkes. Plostra keni-ja-kes meriva tejo pekitar. Fes taji qanos t traja.

3. Neither sustains and doesnt lit but stretches out, the arising hands goes forth and lits. The mute and cold cry from 456 wills the black brother as the ladder. The variety is truly bound in torment as you are stretching out. Carry out your olive and its seed.

4) Om NI, Talajo pejina saki tal, vet-toro. PeNI PaNI terio keso. PARAMA terejo tarke lanoviel. Peres saji pent.

4. Understand the 28 (NI) , the creatures stretches out mine excess and makes it sustain. PeNI PaNI, becomes and are. PARAMA shall he the ladder and map of the 2nd and the One. The Fire awfully stinging.

5) Leta zar veiio kanatroja perestoka levani quat trokij sevi ona spav. Perenu vasti kerestinu, veijia kelastikal quato Ra-Maz-Kil.

5. Finding the ways perfected and fixed, the fire-mountain invokes the creators mind and feelings that makes one cry in utter joy. The Fire in thruth demands union with the 2nd, the born and appearing by the creators regrettable pact of the bolt.

6) Fe Ne za vetika quanis sekio, Pereji savina queto rakajita dol. Fetika sekit terejo natika teren sav kel.

6.Visit the holyness within the not-made olive of mine. The Fire enters the whole weeping creation. Visit the man of mine become that man, go forth and feel born.

7) Perji-on ta vethik quan tares ke lati seji. Qoulemanu vet tranu sak, i ta fen savji qued saki net. Tol dezi quat setina.

7.Fire made thee the not-made creations becoming, and is found as the black brother. The creator is herein, making the marrow of mine,(and) is as a follower, feeling our shrinking creation by mine emptyness. All heads the creators temple.

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